Crop Farming

Crop Farming

Roughly 200 hectares has been earmarked for the production of crops. We are able to till, plant and harvest using in house staff and equipment, and, during the harvest season we also lease out our harvesting equipment to other local farmers.

Swaziland, like most of Southern Africa is considered a water scarce country, which means that for large scale crops irrigation is often a requirement. Out corn fields are under center pivot irrigation which allows us to continue growing crops even during low rainfall periods.

Corn fields before harvesting


White maize is grown to supply the local market, and is sold to millers within Swaziland. We have our own drying and cleaning facilities which allows us to harvest the crop earlier and supply the market before the main harvest comes in, increasing our competitiveness.

John Deere Harvester


Swaziland has a summer rainfall climate, so in order to last through the winter, we have to provide silage. We grow our own yellow maize and feed sorghum which is harvested green and made into winter feed silage for our dairy.

Silage Harvesting


During the summer months our cattle graze in grass paddocks, but during the winter the diet needs to be supplemented. We have about 30 hectares of planted grass which is cut for hay. This is then mixed with silage to feed the cattle during the winter months without affecting our dairy output.

Hay bales for winter food